1. Introduction

    1. This document, "Privacy Policy", describes how Fruzo collects, processes, and stores the personal data of users on Fruzo (fruzo.com), which may also be referred to as "Website" or "Web-Site" hereafter and the Fruzo mobile application, which may also be referred to as the "App" or "Application" hereafter, both of which together may be referred to as "Services" throughout this Privacy Policy).
    2. The terms "us", "We", and "ours" may also be used to refer to Fruzo throughout, while the terms "you", "your", "User", and "Visitor", may be used to refer to all users of Fruzo Services.
    3. The term Personal Data in this document understands identifying and non-identifying data such as full name, address, phone number, and/or email address. These may be referred to as "User Personal Data", "Personal Data", or "Data" throughout.
  2. Data we collect/may collect

    1. Any information or personal data provided by you when you register or create an account to use our Services, as well as any data entered in forms, questionnaires, or other means while using our Services.
    2. Any information or personal data provided by third party services, such as social networks, as stated in p.4 of this Privacy Policy.
    3. Any details or data relating to how you use our Services, including but not limited to statistics on usage of our Services, which devices you use to access our Services, data regarding visits on your profile etc.
    4. Catalogues of any messages that you send via our Services, including cats.
    5. Any correspondence you make with us, with the purpose of using this data for analysis to improve user experience and the quality of our Services in the future.
    6. Any interactions or messages you send us via our social network channels.
    7. Any information we receive through the use of cookies as described in p.5 of this document.
  3. Agreement to grant access to Personal Data

    1. By accessing and using any Fruzo Services you automatically agree to allow us to collect, process, store, and disclose your Personal Data by means as defined throughout this document.
    2. Should you disagree with the usage of your Personal Information or Data in one or more ways as outlined in this document, you should cease to use our Services with immediate effect.
  4. Personal Data and social networks

    1. Any Personal Data collected by us via social networks are also subject to the Privacy Policy of such social networks, which you may agree to gain access to our Services.
    2. If you allow a social network to create an account or register with our Services, you also grant us the right to use your email address and any other Personal Data disclosed to us by the relevant social network for both your personal identification and the auto-filling of your profile on Fruzo.
    3. By using a social network to create a profile or register an account on Fruzo, you also provide us with permission to access your contacts on the relevant social network with the purpose of helping them discover our Services.
    4. Users who do not have active sessions with a social network agree to allow us to collect your Personal Data through social network widgets, such as the "Like" button, in both cases when you do not have an account with these social networks or have never interacted with them previously.
    5. You may alter or change the data that is disclosed to us by social networks or stop interactions with our Services by social networks at any time by changing your settings on the third party provider. However, in these cases we cannot guarantee that you will retain full access to our Services.
  5. Cookies

    Cookies are small files that store certain information on your computer or mobile devices.

    1. We reserve the right to use cookies or similar technologies to locally store some forms of information each time you make use of our Services. This includes session cookies which are used to authenticate and support user sessions, allowing users to avoid re-entering login and password information or re-authenticating social networks each time they navigate to a new page or section within our Services.
    2. The use of cookies allows our Services to integrate with social networks and other platforms provided by third parties. Social network widgets, such as the "Like" button, may also create their own cookie files for users when they don’t have active sessions in these social networks or if they haven’t interacted with the relevant social network previously in any way.
    3. Cookies are used to facilitate in-app payments and provide payment instructions on both the Mobile Application and Website. These cookies may be created by third parties such as payment systems and aggregators.
    4. Cookies are used to provide users with personalized services such as the display of our Mobile Application and/or Website in a language selected by the user.
    5. Cookies allow Fruzo to obtain data which helps us better understand how users are interacting with our Services. This data may be used to help us improve our Services in the future. In these cases, cookies may be created by a third party which collects, analyses, and stores information such as Google Analytics.

    Your agreement to this Privacy Policy allows us to use cookies as described above and throughout this document. You may turn cookies off in your internet browser or on your mobile device at any time, however, this may affect how some parts of our Service works and impede your enjoyment on Fruzo. We highly recommend keeping cookies turned on.

  6. Payment information

    1. Should you purchase any paid feature on our Services, we may temporarily collect certain payment information about you under the name of our payment services provider. However, this information is saved temporarily and encrypted in a way which does not allow us to read it.
    2. When you acquire any paid service available on our Mobile Application or through in-app purchases, such as in the Apple App Store, Google Play Market, Window Store, or via Amazon Kindle, we do not store or collect any of the payment information used.
    3. When making a purchase either o our Website or on our Mobile Application, you agree that payment systems and aggregators may collect your Personal Information and create cookie files for you as described throughout this document.
  7. Using your Personal Data

    By using our Services, you agree that we, as well as any provider or company acting in our name and according to our directions only, can use your Personal Data with the following purposes:

    1. To contact you for the purposes of information about our Services, such as providing user support and/or client service, as well as communication regarding information about new services and/or products.
    2. To manage your account and relationship with us with the aim of improving your personal experience within our Services.
    3. For the purpose of opinion research, user polls, and other marketing interactions, including via email, to gain feedback on your experience within our Services.
    4. For marketing and promotional purposes in relation to our Services, as well as goods and services connected to them, by providing your information, including email address, in our name and/or in a third party name.
    5. For the purpose of analysis, the creation of statistical reports, and other actions necessary for tracking potential issues and/or trends that relate to our Services.
    6. For the prevention of crime or fraud. In some cases, where legislation dictates, it may become necessary to provide and/or forward your Personal Data to the respective authorities to aide them in the prevention of crimes and other illegal actions.
    7. To provide you with IVA invoices if you reside in a country where legislation requires such an invoices, i.e. EU countries, either by your personal request or as according to local law.
    8. For all and any other purposes listed in this Privacy Policy or according to national or local legislation.
  8. Transferring your Personal Data to third parties

    We reserve the right to transfer your Personal Data to third parties, such as companies and suppliers working with us, in the following cases:

    1. By your agreement as described in this Privacy Policy.
    2. As required for providing Services to you, such as the disclosure of your information to both providers and companies which may be involved with the provision of such Services, as well as requiring the need for informational interaction with you.
    3. Should the transfer of information be required to carry out specific instructions as stated by you, such as providing payment information to payment systems used by us.
    4. In any case where your data is provided to us anonymously, such as in aggregate user activity reports, and when we are unable to distinguish you personally from such reports.
    5. In cases where you interact with any of our social network channels, such as leaving feedback about our Services via these means, where some or all parts or elements may be published along with information disclosed by you such as your name, country, and other Data, on our Website or in other social network channels.
    6. For all acts and norms within law or legislation.
    7. To fulfil any legal obligations, such as the protection of our rights, property, and/or security, as well as the rights, property, and/or security of third persons.
    8. In the case of the lawful change of owner or company in the management of our Services, as well as the restructuring or preparation of any such event. Any third party which receives the transfer of our assets will become entitled to continue to use and store your Personal Data according to the terms of this Privacy Policy. However, we will not sell, rent, or transfer any of your Personal Data to a third party in way that is not outlined in this Privacy Policy.
  9. Your profile:

    1. By using our Services, you automatically obtain a personal Fruzo profile.
    2. You may choose to add any information you desire to your profile, including your Personal Data.
    3. Other users of our Services may have access to any information you display on your profile.
  10. Terms of storage of your Personal Data

    1. We store your Personal data for the length of time required to achieve the intended purposes for which it was collected.
    2. We maintain the right to store your Personal Data after you cease to use our Services and/or after you close an account with Fruzo, if the storage of such data is reasonably necessary to fulfil our legal obligations, resolve disputes, prevent illegal actions, prevent violation of third party copyrights, meet legislation and law requirements, and any other purpose as described in this Privacy Policy or any other agreement made with Fruzo.
    3. Chat messages sent while using our Services may be stored for an infinite amount of time for the purpose of other users having the ability to view the history of their messaging.
  11. Your Personal Data protection

    1. We employ proper technical and physical measures to protect the Personal Data of our users from loss, destruction, change, unauthorized access, disclosure, or any other illegal forms of processing.
    2. We employ a modern means of protection for the Personal Data of all users according to the current state of the industry.
    3. Due to unforeseen dangers on the Internet, we cannot fully guarantee that all Personal Data will not be subject to unauthorized access, be destroyed, or altered.
  12. External URLs

    1. We reserve the right to place external links to websites and third party goods throughout our Services.
    2. We attempt to always provide links and URLs to respected websites, however, we do not accept responsibility for any contents, security, or actions taken on such websites.
    3. When you navigate to any third party website, any Personal Data that you provide is managed exclusively by the Privacy Policy of that particular website and we do not assume any responsibility for the Data you decide to provide.
  13. Your rights regarding your Personal Data

    1. You may request a copy of your Personal Data stored by us at any time.
    2. You may correct, change, or delete your Personal Data, or request us to do so on your behalf.
    3. Any Personal Data transferred to our Services using third party means such as social networks cannot be changed or deleted by us and are fully controlled by such social networks or platforms.
    4. You may ask us in writing not to use your Personal Data for the purpose of marketing.
  14. Miscellaneous

    1. To receive more detail on information about how your Personal Data is used, or if you have any further questions or claims, please contact us via the appropriate means.
    2. You maintain the right to make a claim to our local data protection authorities in the case of any issues.
    3. If a court of law or other competent authority decides that any of the terms of this Privacy Policy is illegal or unenforceable, this does not affect the other terms of this Privacy Policy.
    4. We are continually developing and improving our Services which may lead to changes in this Privacy Policy from time to time. On mobile devices, you have the ability to manually manage application updates and therefore may not have the latest version of our application installed. This means you will also not have the latest information regarding our Terms and Privacy Policy. We highly recommend you regularly check our Website for the latest Terms and Privacy Policy.
    5. We will attempt to notify you on any essentials changes to our Privacy Policy, however it is your responsibility to ensure you have read the latest version. If you disagree with any terms in this Privacy Policy, you should cease using our Services immediately.
    6. This Privacy Policy was last changed on 06.30.2016.